Split ray of orange

Photo by Hank

I like a fresh bread sandwich with spinach and tomatoes and salt and pepper when I feel as if my sides are tattered. Then I’m feeling like, I’m feeling like, I’m feeling like — what if I’m lost and don’t even know it?

When I walk in the light I smile. Brass animals and yellow silk curtains, the daytime moon is a flying broken off the ball of chalk. My friend the sky.

I tap two dry sticks makes a crisp sound. I syncopate the beat, threaded through my steady pulse encircling my buzzing mind. …


Except what happened was

Photo by Hank

Dressed in tight trousers and a malt top stretched about my bulging pillow-under-the-shirt and towel-down-the-front-of-my-pants for the cameras, I strut into the kitchen to the tune of Be my baby by the Ronettes.

Standing at the bench, I take the cake knife and cut a couple of large slices of cosmic ray cake. Suddenly I lose all control and mash both slices of cake into my face, one on top of the other without hardly a space in between, no space large enough to fit a glazed cherry.

I cut another piece and give it the same treatment. …

Fiction — Flip flop and fly

Photo by Hank

About the humorous story I wrote and read out to the full room and no one laughed, that’s probably the worst moment of my life. How ten seconds after I finished I had to escape out the backdoor pretending I was going to the bathroom but I climbed over the back fence.

Wearing my sunglasses I’m having coffee-flavored ice cream at the café just down from the corner. Okay, I’m not going to write any more humorous stories. I suppose they must have thought it was too dark. The bit when I fell over. When I couldn’t get up. The…

A poetic story

Toffee Ice-cream

Who likes to eat toffee ice cream all afternoon? Teeth taste all of sugar and caramel and molasses. Tummy feels all over the place from all that sticky toffee ice cream all afternoon, just couldn’t stop. Should have had a healthy meal instead.

Why did I eat so much toffee ice cream? I ate so much toffee ice cream, I wish I’d had less but I lost control, I really did. I just kept on eating all of the toffee ice cream and there was just so much of it. I couldn’t even eat all of it even though I…

A fan’s notes

Breaking out of the gate in 1992, The Black Crowes second album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, went number one on the Billboard chart and sold double-platinum. The Crowes were on a roll.

The first track, Sting me, a foot-stomping riff, a cantankerous boogie-rocking mind blast. Marc Ford announces himself with an excellent solo; when this solo takes off, blasted out from the raucousness, one feels buoyant on a hyper-sonic storm. …

A poetic story

Photo by Hank

Whatever I thought I was thinking about wasn’t what I thought it was. A tunnel. A pinprick of light from darkness. A fallen angel. My mind was cloudy water made clear. I am a butterfly on a twig. I move my wings and fly. Sometimes snakes encircle my ankles, oily, glistening, stretchy, rolling, sliding, slinky. A hippopotamus makes waves. Sunset. Moonbeams. Starlight. A caramel cloud on Saturn. A piano — I took twelve piano lessons and learned five chords and two scales from which to play the blues and rock and roll. I rode a bus to the corner. I…

Takin’ pictures on the ultraviolet light

It’s Only Rock n Roll album cover (1974)

Fingerprint file is the last song on the Rolling Stones 1974 album, It’s Only Rock ’n Roll. And it’s clear to hear that the funk stylings pumping through this fantastic track lean into a Stones interpretation on the funk music of the time, the Blaxploitation scene, those very cool movie soundtracks that were coming out in the early seventies: the brilliance of Shaft (1971) by Isaac Hayes; Curtis Mayfield’s masterpiece, Superfly (1972). The glory of the funk in a golden age.

Who loves James Brown’s The Payback album of 1973? (Stone to the bone, anyone?) Apparently this album, initially developed…

A poetic story

photo by Hank

She wore flowers in her hair. I wore frayed feelings on my face. She could see this, though I looked away. I tried, sort of, but not so hard, to hide it. My heart trembled. She could determine in the strains of my voice my emotional location, and drawn forth, she tried to enter this place and to find me there.

Yes, it is really not that I am hiding, not actively trying to conceal myself from sight; only that I am lost, or at least disoriented; attempting to move onward into clarity yet illusive. But, patience, please. Patience will…

Album review

Andy Warhol designed album cover

The opening song of the ten tunes on the Rolling Stones 1971 masterpiece, Sticky Fingers, is Brown Sugar. What a rocker! Jagger actually wrote this killer tune, and Keith, if I remember correctly, writing in his engaging 2010 memoir called Life, noted that with Mick having brought it to him almost completely finished, all that Keith said he had to do was to clean it up a bit. …


Melbourne. Enjoys music; jazz, rock n roll, funk, soul, boogie, blues, rap, classical and country. Likes movies, books, exercising and eating well.

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